Waste Minimisation Week


Waste Minimisation Exhibition

21st November – Doreen Micallef a promoter from Wasteserve visited our school and delivered talks to all the students from yr.1 to yr.6.

22nd November – Mini-concert to introduce Waste Minimisation Exhibition. All the students did crafts using old/used things.

The Principal, the Mayor of the Local Council, the Parish Priest, parents and other important people in the community were invited for the concert.

Parents and Guests
Parents and Guests

Students from K1, K2,Yr.1 and Yr.2 sang a song and a poem re:minimising waste.

Students from Yr. 3, 4, 5, and 6 sang the famous Abba song Mamma Mia, with original Lyrics written by John Attard re: Waste Minimisation.

Yr.3, Yr.4, Yr.5, Yr.6
Yr.3, Yr.4, Yr.5, Yr.6

23rd A bookmark re Waste Minimisation published by ‘Kummissjoni Interdjoċesana Ambjent’ was given to all the students during the assembly.

24th All the students who took part in the Exhibition were given a certificate each to remember the day.

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