School history

School History

The first records found were dated 10th April, 1929 when the school was, at that time, situated in 5, Valletta Street, Kirkop. The headmaster of the school was Giovanna Zammit and the only teacher in the school was Guzeppa Ellul. In September, 1920 Giovanna Zammit was transferred to Imqabba and Ms M’Carm Grech and Francesca Mallia were posted at Kirkop. The school was being run by Guzeppa Ellul. During these days, the school was being opened from half past one in the afternoon till half three. Then a continuation of the school period would take place between half three and five o’clock. During this continuation Handcraft and Needlework lessons were delivered.

During the year 1930, only 20 boys and girls attended school and in 1931 6 more students joined in. The school had room only for 30 students. English and Italian were the only lessons delivered at school and Italian was not very much popular among the people.

In 1932 Mons. D’Andria, the minister of Education, died and the school remained closed for two days. In 1936, Ms. Vincenza Buhagiar was appointed as the school headmistress and in 1937 Mr. Joseph Galea was employed as a teacher in this school.

In 1938 the school was granted permission to open from half past seven in the morning till quarter past eleven. In 1941 the school had to close for a month because of the war and it only reopened in February. On the 29th of December the school was badly damaged by bombs during an air raid. The chaplain willingly offered the use of Our Lady of Annunciation chapel and a room of his own house so as to be utilized for the teaching of the children. The chaplain’s sister was a teacher in one of these classes. There was another classroom in House number 14 at Kirkop.

In March 1942 many were those people who found themselves homeless and so the school population reduced drastically. On the 23rd of March none of the children attended school due to an air-raid which lasted for nine hours and twenty-five minutes. In April 1942 the chapel of Our Lady of Annunciation was the target of an air raid.

The New School

On January 1945 all the children attending school could follow the lessons at House 14 in Kirkop, where today one can find the St. Leonard Band Club. In March the governor and his wife visited the school. In 1951, 130 children attended school. On the 14th November 1952 the governor Gerald Creasy also visited the school. During this period the children attended school till the age of 14 and could proceed up till stage 3.

On the 12th November 1954 all the children were admitted in the new school. The new school was officially opened on the 28th January 1955. The school chapel was blessed by Mons. Mikiel Azzoppardi and afterwards mass was celebrated. The school was dedicated in honor of the Sacred Heart of Mary and Jesus. At 10 o’clock in the morning, the minister of education inaugurated the school. Mons. Gonzi, archbishop of Malta, blessed the school.

During those days, the headmaster of the school was Mr. Caruana. He was from Lija. From that day on, many were those who occupied the head position like Mr. Joe Caruana, Mr. Lanzon, Mr. Sciberras, Mr. Debono, Mr. Desira, Fr. Abdilla, Mr. Zammit, Mr. Fenech, Mr. Borg and Mr. Galea.


This research was carried out by Mary Rose Mizzi, a teacher of this same school from 1955 till 1964.