X’hemM jgħaqqadna?

All the school took part in the Mathematics and Science Initiative.  Activities kick-off was the 14th March which marks the International day of Mathematics. It span over a whole week till Monday 21st March.  All classes were involved in these STEM Quality Education actvities.  The teacher could choose any Maths or Science topic under the umbrella of connectivity hence X’hemM? Jgħaqqadna. 

KG1.1 made playdough from scratch. The kids learnt that various individual ingredients came together to change matter.

KG 1.2 learnt about static electricity via a balloon experiment that resulted in Mickey Mouse shaped headdress.

KG 1.3 used balloons in a rocket experiment learning how movement and travelling brings us together.

KG 2.1 learnt about seed germination and the cycle of growth underground resulting in a new life, their own plant.

Yr 1 used the Mathematics aspect and built geometrical shapes in 2D and 3D format.

Yr 2 designed a house based on the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. The topic of materials was discussed in order come up with all the different items in a building structure.  This week-long  effort took a combined approach to come together to build their house that even resisted a fake earthquake.

Yr 3 and Yr 4 worked on building circuits to create quiz boards.  Connectivity was the keyword here.

Yr 5.1 and Yr 5.2 used Mathematical apparatus to create a miniature solar system.  The challenge lay in the fact that the sizes of the planets and their distances from each other and the Sun were all to scale.

Yr 6  embarked on a space shuttle project. The engineering component was how to create their own individual space shuttle.  The science teacher gave it life by adding boosters and giving flight to the shuttles.

All these projects validated the importance of the use of Science and Mathematics bringing us all together in a collective educational experience.